Vlatko Štampar

"Embodiment of those crazy thoughts we all have, but choose to ignore."

For those who haven’t tried him out, Vlatko Štampar will forever remain the undiscovered embodiment of all those crazy thoughts we have in the parts of our brains we ignore for good reason.

For those who experienced him, Vlatko was and will always be a vent, a spout, for completely nonsensical associations that, in combination with his irreplaceable manner, coaxes out rapturous laughter and make him one of the best comedians “of the region”.


2007: First stand-up performance. Out of curiosity. A youth association was opening and they asked him and a friend to do a routine. A mix of good vibes and local patriotism (and a little bit of alcohol) resulted in a solid first performance. This gave him some bravery to try further.

2009: After half a year and multiple wins at open mic nights, Vlatko becomes a permanent member of a comedy club.

2010: Worked as the warm-up act for a Zagreb audience for the final 10 contestants of “Croatian Supertalent”

2013: Filmed various adverts

2014: Participated in the “Standup & Sea” project for Comedy Central Extra. Comedians from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Serbia all participated in the filming of 40 episodes of standup, improv, and roasts.

2015: Completed his first solo tour with my one man show “Bratec je trd” and the launch of the “LAJNAP” comedy organisation with colleagues.

2018: Celebrated 10 years of his career in concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski

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Sunday 14 July 2019

The Venue opens at 19:00 with Sunset Drinks and Music by Garden Brewery and Adriatic Coasting. The programme will start at 21:00. Vlatko Stampar will perform the Opening Act, introducing our Festival Headliner, Dylan Moran.