Nikola Silic

"A tireless fighter against human stupidity."

Nikola Silić is a stand-up comedian from the first line-up of Belgrade comedy group Standup.rs and has been in the game for seven years.

He has performed at all comedy festivals in the region, in both Serbian and Croatian, and is well-known for his videos and instagram clips created for the show, Evenings With Ivan Ivanović.

He is also a participant of the show Stand Up & More on Comedy Central Extra. He regularly performs in the Night Of Black Humour event and also has a show with his colleague Aleksandar Perišić called True Fantasy.

Alongside this, he performs in his one man show Lorem I Psujem.

Nikola Silić is one of the writers of the animated show “Elita”. He is also the owner of many cute dogs.

He has said of himself:

“I painted a canvas, they gave me an award.
I photoshopped a photo, they gave me an award.
I made an animated film, they gave me an award.
I made a commercial, they gave me an award.
Mostly I am proud of my humbleness.
I weigh 100+ kilos, which sounds worse when you say 0.1 tonnes.
I’m a fighter against human stupidity, since I found out that people visit psychics, avoid black cats, listen to horoscopes, think that football isn’t fixed, and repeat their favourite phrase ‘Yeah, my (family member) was a (profession) so I’m naturally something of an expert on the subject’.
I believe that it can’t be called pessimism if you’re right.”

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Friday 12 July 2019

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